Friday, May 22, 2009

Patriotism goes viral

Hello 912ers. Welcome to a small piece of collective patriotism in the digital world. And yes, we will be breaking into song sporadically.
Grab your tambourine.

We held a general meeting last night. It was my first. The meeting started with prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.
I had a sudden flashback of standing in that breezy gym in First Grade, repeating those words every morning and stressed I would mispronounce "indivisible".
But that was how each day started in First Grade. And whether or not disputes happened over sharing the Forest Green crayon, Danny sticking his finger in my peanut butter sandwich, or Jerod pulling my pigtails, we were always united by morning, standing together with the Pledge.

Good times, good times.

But I'm all grown up now. I know how to defend the honor of my peanut butter sandwich. And I understand with sobriety the meaning of those words. Last night, I spent a few minutes with Americans who understand it too.
Like you.

So whether patriotism is suddenly cool again, or suddenly passe, I don't care. We are the individuals who actually run this country, who grease the gears, who turn the cogs, and who will push the country to the nearest garage when it stalls. Then we'll pay to have it fixed.
And because we don't wake up each morning and set our beliefs and morals to the most recent opinion poll, we are the true saviors of this nation's future. And we don't even wear unflattering tights.

So Welcome! If you are looking for a worthy cause, you've found it.
Also, find us on Facebook, the Tulsa 912 Project.

This blog, to succeed, will need you rolling up your sleeves. Send news or videos or even commentary for posting. This 912 movement only happens with volunteers. And each one of you is needed.

And feel free to send me questions and comments. If you have a specific talent, I can assure you, we need you.

Tara Lynn Thompson
Tulsa 912 Project

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